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Begins May 1st - Ends July 3rd

July 10th - Night of the finals

current finalists: Adriana / Rachel / Sunny / Carolina
Rob / Sam

1. 21+ to compete

2. Must follow Sing SRQ, The Gator Club, and Gator Gutterz LLC on either instagram or FB.

3. Must share a status / picture that says you're competing in the 'Spring into Summer' karaoke contest and tag Sing SRQ, Gator Club, and Gator Gutterz

4. Must attend minimum of 1 qualifying nights excluding night of the finals.

5. Must complete a song challenge assigned by Sing SRQ.  Examples: Practice and sing a song you've never done before, sing a song by a boy band, sing a country song, sing a rap song, sing a song by a girl band, sing a song as poorly as you can, etc.  This is meant to challenge you, bring you out of your comfort zone, and add a new element of fun!

6. Must attend the night of the finals where everyone will participate and sing one song.  Singers who move onto round 2 will perform a 2nd song.  Finally in round 3 the final 4 will sing a 3rd song and the top 3 singers will split $500, $300, and $200 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

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