Lalo Murillo

DJ Name: The Reverend DJ Lalo

As a Sarasota native, I'm delighted to offer entertainment to our growing city.  In my youth I developed a passion for music and learned to play guitar and sing. My most successful venture in performing live is with my band Spark Notes which started in 2010, and I began hosting karaoke shortly after.  My last "real job" was in 2011; since then I've expanded to host trivia, bingo, and DJ for a plethora of clients.  

What excites me most is not only the caliber of the venues and owners we service, but also our growing team at Sing SRQ.  I look forward to continue offering these audience engaging services and I look forward to expanding our footprint.  Please meet our awesome hosts below!   ;D


Dallas Lowe

DJ Name: Emcee Dallas

Originally from Knoxville, TN.  Dallas moved to SRQ in 2003.  He's a fanatic about music, has professional experience in audio engineering, and is a fantastic singer.  He joined Sing SRQ in 2015 and hosts 5 nights

a week.  When he's not behind the mixer Dallas is travelling to a festival, enjoying a microbrew, and spending time with loved ones.  You can literally talk to him about anything so don't be shy!


Melina Murillo

DJ Name: DJ WHAT?!

DJ WHAT?! specializes in singing unique tunes from Stevie Wonder, to Linkin Park, and might even jump into a song she's never tried before when requested by a singer.  She loves to travel and has done so extensively in the past.  Currently she ishelping Sing SRQ grow its list of venue's by hosting 3-5 times a week.  


Jean-Paul Monde  (JP)

DJ Name: DJ Johnny Paul

JP grew up in the 941 area and has been a karaoke enthusiast for years.  He can heard singing classics like Under the Sea from the Little

Mermaid or Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  He's been on the team at The PLayers theater of Sarasota for years and so singing and performing is nothing new.  If you get to know DJ P you'll find out quickly that he enjoys the nightlife the city has to offer and spending time with his friends: these social tendencies make a great addition to the team at Sing SRQ!


Sam Cohen

DJ Name: DJ Samchillin'

Sam has been a DJ in the Sarasota area for years, focusing on private events and house parties.  His singing voice will typically surprise any

audience: one of the main reasons why Sing SRQ wanted him to join!  The range of of his karaoke tunes is extensive...from 80's hair metal to a good ol' country line dance, definitely a lot of fun to witness!