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a 3 lesson course designed for karaoke singers

I've been singing professionally for the past 10+ years.  One thing I've noticed while hosting karaoke is that a singer is often landing  so close to the right pitch but isn't quite nailing it.  Others may be on pitch but don't know how to adjust into their falsetto to deliver the correct melody. Most singers have multiple strengths but with 2 or 3 tips they can overcome their  weaknesses and move forward into better performances; and above all, a more fun singing experience! I've developed a 3 lesson course that is meant to help singers help themselves and unlock tools to successfully approach their favorite songs and any new songs they want to add to their repertoire..​Scroll down for more details!

Lessons with Lalo is a structured modern approach to improve your singing ability.  It moves away from what you'd expect with classical training methods such as scales and music theory. Instead we use software and devices to learn more about how you sing. The course is designed to assess your strengths, define your flaws, and provide you with tools to enhance your performance.  Ultimately, the goal of Lessons with Lalo is for you to be able to detect where you're messing up, why it's happening, and how to correct it.  Below is a clear outline of what to expect for pricing and what you'll get in each lesson.

Price: $1 per minute

Each lesson is in person and 1 on 1.  The initial 3 lessons are 45 minutes each.  Interested parties must commit to the 3 lesson package price of $135.  All lessons are video recorded and sent to you via Dropbox for you to download.  Dropbox links expire after 7 days. Scroll to the bottom for information on subsequent lessons beyond the initial 3.

Lesson Plan

1: Pitch. Intervals. Melody.

In our first lesson we'll discuss the spectrum of sound and how humans measure it.  This develops our understanding of pitch or notes.  We then take a look at intervals and see how these pitches/notes relate to each other.  Finally, we put it all together and discuss melodies and how all 3 are the building blocks of our favorite songs.

2: Breathing. Voices. Vocal Health.

Lesson 2 takes a look at the different choices we can make when using our voices.  The three main options are from our chest (normal speaking voice), our head (falsetto), and by manipulating your larynx, fry voice.  The biggest takeaway from this lesson will be caring for your instrument as we discuss taking care of your voice.  Also we talk about how to breath.  Lol.

3: Practice. Transposition. Delivery.

Did you know that you can sing any song now matter how high or how low your voice is? This is possible through the cunning use of transposing a song.  Practice: that thing everyone hates doing.  Well it's a lot easier and better if you come at it from a different angle.  We'll discuss my favorite method for practicing. And finally, we take everything and use it to realize and deliver an improved performance in your singing.


Singing lessons beyond "Lessons with Lalo" are available at the same rate of $1 per minute and can be adjusted to a little as 10 minute lessons.  Additionally they can be done over skype, facetime, or any other video conference platforms.  Are you having trouble working out the melody to a new song you're trying to learn?  Perhaps you need a couple more pointers on fry voice.  Maybe you've gotten better and would like to know about harmonizing.  Standard singing lessons are available to anyone who has completed the Lessons with Lalo course material. 

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